SHORT VICTORIA – Short Robusto (56×4)
GRAND VICTORIA – Grand Robusto (52×5.5)
VACOA – Torpedo (52×6)
PAPANG – Toro (54×6)

Wrapper : Ecuador Corojo
Binder : Dominican Republic
Long Filler : Dominican Republic
Strength : Medium to Strong Body
Aromas : The Cilaos Line delivers easy draws smokes with
touches of spices, roasted chocolate and nuts.
Hand made in Dominican Republic

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Born in the heart of the Indian Ocean, the Corita brand comes from a long tradition of tobacco cultivation, which
has now almost disappeared. It combines this heritage with the values carried by its inhabitants, united within a diverse
and multiethnic Creole culture, resulting from a unique interbreeding whose origin extends beyond the limits of the
Indian Ocean.

The brand logo, in the shape of a pentagon, pays homage to the deep origins of this interbreeding. It illustrates by its
different sides, the five original ethnic groups that gave the island its name « LA REUNION”: « Cafres », « Malbars »,
« Zarab », « Chinois » and « Yab ».

Five pillars of different cultures whose harmony and knowing how to live together have always been a remarkable
model of integration, still largely valid today. This heritage is embodied in A Creole Art de Vivre, unique, based on the
values of sharing, tolerance and conviviality that Corita wishes to sublimate.

The different lines of cigars are named after three emblematic geological enclosures of the island, a result of the
volcanic nature of Reunion Island. The mythical circuses of SALAZIE, CILAOS and MAFATE form the heart of the jewel of
the Indian Ocean and symbolize in themselves the intensity that each experience lived in Reunion arouses.

Corita pursues this quest for intense experiences through the blends used in its cigars by offering tobaccos rigorously
selected for this purpose, by Maestros de Liga Felix Reyes de Leon & William Ventura . Their unanimously recognized
know-how, forged within the prestigious Arturo Fuente and Davidoff houses, makes it possible to offer original blends
that fully reflect the values held by Corita and Reunion Island.

The names chosen to designate the different modules of the range are in no way the result of chance. They also
pay strong homage to the symbols, both historical and endemic, of Reunion Island. They illustrate both the importance
for Corita of the notion of heritage and legacy, but also the importance of the values on which they are based.

The names chosen for our vitolas pay also homage to endemic species or historical references such as :

« Dina » takes its name from the origins of Reunion Island. When discovered in the 10th century by Arab
navigators, they named it Dina Morgabin (“The setting island »).

« Victoria » owes its name to the most emblematic fruit of our island, the Victoria Pineapple, which itself pays
homage to the famous Queen Victoria.

« Vacoa » is named after a slender tree with pointed leaves.

« Papang ». Its origin pays homage to a majestic bird of prey endemic to Reunion Island.